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Apprenticeship Software Pricing
Apprentice Tracking System (ATS)
ATS costs $7,000.00* and includes one ATS database software license, the ATS annual maintenance agreement FREE for the 1st year, and 12 hours of ATS Webinar Training. McNeil Enterprises will assist you with the ATS Software installation and setup remotely. ATS requires your organization to have internet access available for both training and ATS installation. Access to your office system’s (workstation and server) will be required for McNeil Enterprises to complete your system installation.
ATS Annual Maintenance Agreement (Optional)
The ATS maintenance agreement is currently priced at $800.00* per year. Purchasing the ATS maintenance agreement entitles your organization to unlimited phone, Web conference or Internet connection support for any ATS software operational questions and ATS software upgrades available for download from our website.
Data Conversion Costs
The cost of converting your existing data into the ATS Database will depend on the type of database that the data will be extracted from and the structure of data to be converted. In most cases data conversion is possible. If you are interested in data conversion, a fixed price quote can be provided after analysis of your database.
ATS Application Website
The ATS Application Website allows potential apprentices to apply online. The office staff can display the applications online and keep track of the documents acquired (Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Driver’s License, etc.). After reviewing the applicant’s information, the office staff can update the information into the ATS application system or flag the application with a user defined status (Pending, Declined, Expired, Completed, etc.). ATS Application Web is currently priced at $3,500.00*.
ATS Student’s Website
The ATS Student’s Website gives students online access to ATS allowing them to display and change (optional) their contact information. They will be able to display their certifications, work hours (summary & detail), class history (summary & detail), pay rate (current and next level evaluation), and the instructors and contractors evaluations of their work. Work hour entry and class sign up is also available. ATS Student Web is currently priced at $3,500.00*.
ATS Office Website
The ATS Office Website gives office staff remote access to ATS allowing them to display or modify the following Student information: Demographics, Certifications, Contact History, Committee Actions, Pay Level Evaluation, Class History, Class Sign-up, Course Sign-up, and Work Hours (display and entry). ATS Office Web is currently priced at $3,500.00*.
ATS Instructor's Website
The ATS Instructor’s Website allows instructor’s online access to ATS to display class information and enter class grades (by class or student) and class absences. Class listings and student grade reports are available. ATS Instructor’s Web is currently priced at $3,500.00*.
ATS Contractor’s Website
The ATS Contractor’s Website allows contractor’s online access to ATS where they can update their contact information (optional), display the list of students working for them and enter student work evaluations. ATS Contractor’s Web is currently priced at $3,500.00*.
* Pricing is subject to change without notice.
Licensing / System Requirements
Server Requirements
 Windows Server® 2008 / 2012 / 2016
 2GHz or faster processor
 2GB RAM or greater memory
 1GB or greater available disk space
Each ATS software package is licensed for use on a single file server. Any system, even a standard PC acting as a server can be used to host the data portion of ATS. We recommend using SQL Server 2012 / 2014 / 2016 or SQL Server 2012 / 2014 / 2016 Express for the ATS data. The other option is an Access Database. If SQL Server is used – please check the requirements for SQL Server 2012 / 2014 / 2016 before the server is decided upon.
Work Station Requirements
 Windows® 8 / Windows 10
 2GHz or faster processor
 2GB RAM or greater memory
 150 MB or greater available disk space
ATS is licensed by database. This means that you may connect all your devices and workstations without any additional licensing fees.
Network Requirements
We recommend gigabit for network cards, routers, switches, etc. Hardwired networking cable is generally faster than wireless and therefore is recommended.
ATS System Standards
Interactive name search routines facilitate easy student lookup.
Drill-down buttons simplify movement between processes.
Entry fields are color coded for easy type recognition.
Double clicking on any date field will automatically pull up an on-line calendar.
Double clicking on any drop down list will automatically pull up the controlling user-defined code table.
All screens support standard Windows® functions to minimize training requirements.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can our existing data be converted?
In most cases, the answer is yes. McNeil Enterprises will be happy to give you a quote for data conversion.
What database options are available?
Microsoft SQL Server®, SQL Server Express® or Access®.
Is software customization available?
Yes. McNeil Enterprises can modify ATS specifically to fit your needs. We can furnish a price quote once the project is defined. ATS has been designed from the ground up to enable customization without eliminating future upgrades.
Are upgrades available?
Yes. We are continually enhancing ATS to keep pace with the dynamics of the training industry. Upgrades are included as part of the ATS Annual Maintenance Agreement and may be downloaded directly from our Web site.
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